Christoph Hefti


Christoph Hefti’s love for crafted textiles has taken him to Nepal, where he designs and develops his own series of hand-knotted rugs. During his visits to Nepal, Christoph Hefti rediscovered the direct interaction between the designer and the craftsman and became fascinated by the use of traditional crafts in a contemporary context. He approaches the mystical and even spiritual tradition of storytelling textiles through his very personal yet worldly themes.
Christoph Hefti puts a lot of time and effort into composing the intricate designs, and selecting the perfect colours for the composition of materials and techniques, all to the benefit of the artistic qualities of each carpet. The result is a series of dazzling carpets that are true works of art and display Hefti’s unique, joyful and eclectic style.
A Christoph Hefti rug is part of the collection of the Swiss National Museum.
World Mask
“Parts of traditional masks from Tibet, Africa, Mexico and Guatemala, each of them symbolizing different aspects of life, come together as one face. Although the image appears collage-like, the World Mask has been made in one piece, using different heights, materials and techniques to characterize the diversity of each culture (mask).” _ Christoph Hefti
The Visitors
“A golden prehistoric figure from the museum in Bogota, the flowers with their hallucinatory effect, the animal that the shaman turns into in order to fly, and the mysterious Tibetan tiger rug come together in an architectural composition to joyfully mark their presence, but will soon vanish again, disappearing into the spiritual world.” _ Christoph Hefti
“Small prehistoric objects form the basis of our present society. With specially developed irregular yarn mixes, over-dyed in different shades of colour, these abstract shapes overlap transparently, blur into each other, and erase the definition of their assumed use as artworks, tools or weapons.” _ Christoph Hefti
Bleeding Colour
“Small printing errors on fabric, considered in the fashion industry as waste, reveal true beauty once enlarged about two hundred times and translated to the carpet-maker’s craft.” _ Christoph Hefti
Multicolour Tibetan
“Kathmandu, experienced in a rush as a dreamlike, vanishing and ever-changing vision when dashing through the streets, jetlagged and on the back of a motorbike; rediscovering the traditional colours of antique Tibetan rugs.” _ Christoph Hefti