CTC1 (Carbon Tube Chair), Jonathan Muecke

© Jeroen Verrecht

3 Foxes, Christoph Hefti

© Jeroen Verrecht

Grande Table Pliable (closed), Bernard Dubois & Isaac Reina

© Jeroen Verrecht

Bamboo Study II, Bijoy Jain / Studio Mumbai

© Jeroen Verrecht

Zwart Huis, Huib Hoste

© Jeroen Verrecht
4 July 30 August 2020


Summer residency

Dumortierlaan 8, Knokke, (BE)

Thursday to Sunday
2 – 7 pm
This summer, MANIERA is taking up residence in the De Beir House in Knokke for a unique presentation of its collection. This iconic house, designed by the avant-garde architect Huib Hoste, was one of the very first examples of Modernism in Belgium. The house is furnished entirely with key pieces from the MANIERA collection. Every series is on show, from the earliest, by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, to the latest, by Bernard Dubois and Isaac Reina. This is the first time since the gallery was established in 2014 that an overview of all the series that have been produced is being presented.
MANIERA has a penchant for pioneering houses. In 2015, the gallery’s second exhibition was held in Henry Van de Velde’s Hotel Wolfers. The artist Richard Venlet created furnishings inspired by the history and architecture of this modernist gem. A year later, the designer Jonathan Muecke spent a month in Juliaan Lampens’ brutalist Van Wassenhove house to design a series of objects for it.
The De Beir House – aka the Black House – was completed in 1925 and is a Belgian interpretation of De Stijl, a trend that originated in the Netherlands. While Mondrian, Van Doesburg and Rietveld used lines and planes, Hoste worked in volumes. Its characteristics include extreme simplicity, a focus on functionality, a pure geometry and a ubiquity of colour.