6 16 March 2024

MANIERA & COMBO Toys present

'Blah Blah' an edition by Ryan Gander

Hôtel Danckaert, Rue Meyerbeer 33, Brussels (BE)

March 06 – 16
Release party
Saturday, March 09
2 – 6 pm
This spring, creative duo David de Tscharner and Rebecca Cuglietta are launching their first COMBO collaboration.
COMBO is art to play with. Building kits crafted in Brussels by artists for children and grown-ups alike. A collection of fascinating shapes in recycled plastic with jazzy colours.
For its first collaboration, COMBO gave Ryan Gander carte blanche. Ryan is a British conceptual artist born in 1976. He finds his inspiration in ordinary situations from his everyday life. He uses production techniques borrowed from craft, art history, fashion, film or music industry to turn them upside down. Ryan manages to infuse poetry into pairs of shoes, glass architectures or animatronic animals.
For COMBO, Ryan created BLAH BLAH. 33 sounds created from components of made-words invented by the artist’s middle child, aged nine. The font is based on her best handwriting. The work combines words, meaning and form. Each sound means nothing and can be used to invent words and play with sounds whilst making sculptures.
To unveil its collaboration, COMBO teams up with MANIERA Gallery, seamlessly merging the realms of play and design at Hôtel Danckaert. Inviting individuals of all ages to explore the boundaries of creativity, where toys intersect with contemporary design furniture.
Much like the functionality of a toy, where every component serves a purpose in fostering creativity and play, furniture also embodies this principle, providing not just utility but also an avenue for expression and imagination.